We enable operational excellence


We empower your organization with processes that enable you to achieve high efficiency, tools that help you digitalize and automate your operations, all this with a strong foundation on customer satisfaction and employee motivation.

We offer competence, creativity, comprehensive know-how, customer orientation, value orientation , high professionalism and agility.



With the Business engeneering and process management we use various methods to discover, model, analyze, measure, improve, optimize, and automate business processes. We use different combination of methods to manage the company's business processes, in order to achieve a higher performance and a better productivity.


The systems landscapes in companies are always complex. Introducing new hardware or softwares are always a big challenge. With systems engineering we focus on how to design, integrate, and manage complex systems. We use our knowledge for integrating modern software and hardware in the already existing landscapes


With our consulting service, we make our expertise and experience available. No matter how your landscape looks like , we have the expertise for helping you achieve a higher performance. We offer competence, creativity, comprehensive know-how, customer orientation, value orientation , high professionalism and agility.

Our areas of competence

Manufacturing & Logistic

  • Digitalise all the operations & processes.
  • Enhance equipments with sensors and theier accompanying software infrastructure.
  • Collaboaration across operations processes
  • Higher performance operations model
  • Optimized manufacturing output
  • Better products quality
  • Cost effective production


  • Modernise your medical equipments with smart hardware & software extensions
  • Quality healthcare
  • Accurate reports , contrast the patients progress & make clinical decisions easy.
  • Collaboration between functions and departments
  • Seamless interaction between patients and medical team

Service Business & Administration

  • Digitalise the business processes for achieving higher efficiency.
  • Integrate IOT technologies in your business.
  • Increase the revenues
  • Reduce the complexity
  • Increase the transparency
  • Provide transparent performance indicators


In order to achieve a high service quality, we use the right technologies and master  state of the art processes.

Mature Technologies

Smart Devices

Internet Of Things


Agile methodologies

DIN/EN/ISO Standards


OEP360 : Operations Execution Platform.
Your efficiency booster

The OEP360 is a suite of systems designed to execute operations tasks in various areas like Manufacturing & logistic operations, Medical operations ,service business , and administrative operations.

Our OEP360  is the perfect solution for supporting you in the efficient execution and digitalisation of all your processes and operations. It helps companies get more efficient and productive by providing all the tools that are needed for managing your operations in an extremely efficient manner. These tools are built based on global standards and also provide enough flexibility for adaptations according to your local needs.

Service call 360 : A revolutionary way of getting access to service

Our service call 360 is a solution that allows customers  to consume a service in a very comfortable and convenient way. Anyone is able to request and get access to the service, because it is always just one touch away. The service provider and the service consumer get very close. The service call 360 is used in various areas and we integrate it in medical, industrial and business environments.

Contact us

You can contact us either directly or by getting in touch with one of our partners in the different countries.

Ranites SARL (Cameroon)


Yaoundé, Cameroon

+237- 673 018 295


BTES Tech (Cameroon)

Esplanade du lycée de Tsinga

B.P. 1268 Yaounde- Cameroun



PRO'DIG (Burkina Faso)

Rue la circulaire N°28.263, Porte 10,

Ouagadougou – Burkina Faso

Tel.: + 226 78 50 98 92 / + 226 25 4085 60


E-Mail: info@prodig-bf.com

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