OES360 : Operations Execution System



An operations execution system is a suite of systems designed to execute operations tasks in various areas like Manufacturing & logistic operations, Medical operations , business operations, and administrative operations.

Manufacturing operations are covered by Manufacturing execution systems (MES) and they are typically concerned with executing tasks within just the manufacturing area such as production, maintenance, inventory tracking, quality inspection.

Medical operations are typically concerned with ensuring the implementation of strong healthcare processes in order to provide a great service to the patients and make the work very efficient for the medical staff.

Business and administrative operations focus on operations implementing efficient processes  in order to achieve a growth and high service quality.

Our OES360  is the perfect solution for supporting you in the digitalisation of all your processes and operations. It helps companies get more efficient and productive by providing all the tools that are needed for managing your operations in an extremely efficient manner.

Service call 360 : A revolutionary way of getting access to service

Our service call 360 is a solution that allows customers  to consume a service in a very comfortable and convenient way. Anyone is able to request and get access to the service, because it is always just one touch away. The service provider and the service consumer get very close. The service call 360 is used in various areas and we integrate it in medical, industrial and business environments.

EMR360: Electronic Medical Record

The EMR 360 is a very intuitive and user friendly software for EMR (Electronic Medical Record). Our solution is highly customizable for every setting (hospitals, care offices,ambulatory surgical centers, health centers, mobile clinics) and for almost all specialities. EMR360 is a solution that can be integrated to work seamlessly with any medical equipment that generates files ( pictures, videos) to be used in the patient medical record.
-Intuitive user interface
-Highly customizable
-Seamless Medical equipment integration

Drugs radar

Many medications are very difficult to find in several countries. This leads patients to look for their medication in the black market, which often means they will be getting low quality medication and they will be gambling with their health. Purchasing medications on the black market is always a huge risk, that can lead to a terribly bad quality product that could cause serious harm and even death.

Drugs radar is a revolutionary application that is making life easier for doctors, patients and pharmacies. The access to the medication get a lot more easier.

OEP 360: Generic Operations Execution Platform

Our Generic Oeprations Exceution platform is the base architecture we use for building our applications. It is a very modular, flexible and robust architecture using state of the art technologies and tools. All our Solutions are built based on this architecture.. No matter if you cover only one process or a huge amount of processes , the architecture scales with your needs.

Easy assist 360 : Assistance anytime and anywhere

Easy solution for communication & interaction to provide assistance remotely at anytime and from anywhere. No matter when the assistance is needed, the access the assistance is done in a very easy manner. The Easy Assist 360 can be used in various areas and we integrate it in medical, industrial and business environments.

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